Collection: Erdo Sam

›The Enignatic Magnetic Attraction of The Silent Scream‹
Erdo Sam is an astonishing artist who deals with unexpected, rare beauties and likes seizing moments within the fluidity of paint.
We are in the realms of art surrounded by the same seeds of expressionism. But it is also often a graceful one, sometimes reminding us surprisingly of some ancient civilizations, Egyptian, Greek, or other... This is rather an unusual world on its own.
Even the human bodies represented there seem to be of a different organic constitution. The parts of those bodies that seem to be joined to one another through strange articulations, are quite peculiar artistic or bodily assemblages, however, you're eager to see it. In a way, it reminds me of the pieces made by Seval Basalan, where the order of the parts of the face and other body organs get all sort of mixed up on the human map. In Erdo Sam's case, the situation and the ensuing outlook is different. Various bodies kind of melt into one another, until the point we lose track of the scene, and we are at the point of imperception on what's really happening. The results can bear different connotations. Sometimes one can even think of some unknown, unspecified other living creatures. I can even suspect myself of having seen a sea horse!
Sex can also be on the hidden agenda. Melting, coitus, secret sexual allusions are parading in front of our eyes, open to all sorts of interpretations. But here the main characters of this act seem somewhat androgynous. Those hot scenes seem to carry all the aspects of "blood, sweat, and tears". The intermingling of the figures wrongly, I insist erroneously leads one to remember the masterpiece "Male and Female". Maybe it's just a personal!
This new sculpturesque format, carries the deep pain of human drama, a new fusion of souls trapped in a room.
Also, those portraits of Erdo Sam, unavoidably reminds us of Francis Bacon, how the Auid brushstrokes analyze the enigmas of the inner self of the tormented human being. Those Burnt Works, as Sophie Brandes says in this catalog, are not "pretty" or "beautiful" in the way we are accustomed to enunciate them. But they are definitely not "ugly".
They may be labeled as "disturbing" because we seem to look and see in the mirror, the harsh part of our spiky soul, free from any make-up, combed hair, or aesthetic operations. Yet, God, let me confess to you that I find them more than enigmatic with a magnetic attraction power!
This is the plain center of our conscience as well as
oUr Unconscious.
Here, the persona in agony suffers through a sort of self-torture within existence
One has accepted his fate, nevertheless cursing it.
The disturbing inner scream of Hannibal Lecter, portrayed by Anthony Hopkins in "Silence of the lambs" can be felt here. "Mourning and melancholy" are also taking a seat in this scenario.
Solitude, questions to the universe, pain, silent scream are the elements of this alphabet, that holds ties with the realities of Auschwitz times... Mouths shut please!
Erdo Sam takes his profession seriously. He is engaged on this long thin road that startles him in each of his steps. But he is more than happy with it.
Yet in his backyard he triggers the masochistic cords of his inner songs in this life which has reserved so many hells and heavens, Edens and Valhallas and even so many "professions" for him. Now as a
"very experienced young spirit, he seems to be ready to conquer new horizons.
Bedri Baykam
April 2022