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Pilgrims | Lilli Elsner

Pilgrims | Lilli Elsner

Artist: Lilli Elsner

Material/technology: Mixed media, fabric on wooden frame

Dimensions: 122.5 cm x 60 cm

Year: 2020

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On a textile surface painted in the background with a motif of deer, some of which are only silhouettes and some filled with a strong, deep red color, Lilli Elsner shows us a female figure. This figure is depicted from different angles, mostly in underwear, and she expresses different emotions and moments in time. Red and blue contrast with each other and the result is an image of extreme intensity and power.

Lilli Elsner, born in 1993, works with a range of different materials and media. In addition to her expansive installations, which are often based on socio-political and societal moments, she draws and paints on paper and canvas. In her extraordinary imagery, humans and animals often stand directly opposite each other, sharing the space within the image. Creatures charged with cultural history such as frogs and deer find their way into the mystical imagery in which the same human figure always appears: the artist herself, the self-portrait. "Art does not repeat itself, it is unique in every picture," says the artist herself, who dropped out of her studies at the Berlin University of the Arts in 2012 after five semesters "without gaining any knowledge." Lilli Elsner works in her studio in Wachow, which she converted into a workshop over several years.

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