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Atelier | Erik Andersen

Atelier | Erik Andersen

Erik Andersen

Material/technology: Oil on canvas

Dimensions: 68 cm x 51 cm

Year: 2014

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Erik Andersen is a Berlin-based artist whose work spans a variety of media, including installations, sculptures and paintings. His working method is characterised by a thorough exploration of his ideas, considering which medium is best suited to express a particular idea. He also considers formal aspects such as choice of materials, format and presentation. One example of his work is "Handshake", an installation where visitors can touch the objects in the exhibition. He has chosen ceramics as the appropriate material to enable this experience. Another work, "Mask", is a self-portrait that reflects on content. In some of his works in epoxy resin, he documents the working situation by using objects such as cable drums or saw blades. Andersen emphasises that his ideas for new works sometimes emerge from previous works, while in other cases he is inspired by his environment and the materials. For example, his "canvas works" have their origins in an extended stay in the USA, where he focused on the material he used every day. These works are enlargements of the structure of small sections of canvas and play with the paradox of fullness and emptiness as well as with references to painting itself. Andersen's sculptures are also characterised by the aspect of enlargement. For example, "Handshake" is about three times the size of the original live cast he made. He has integrated the traces of this cast into the final form. In the work "Self-Portrait", the negative form of his face and the bands around the empty volume are exactly twice the original size. The precise form here is more of a necessity to refer to the content aspect. Andersen also reflects on the meaning of some of his works. In "Handshake", for example, the openings that invite us to shake hands are actually dead ends. The promise of the gesture is not fulfilled, which raises questions about interpersonal interaction. Another influence on his work is the artist Gordon Matta Clark, whose quotations can be found in some works, such as in the work "Cut", in which Andersen simulates sawing a wall. Finally, Andersen mentions the work "Done", which depicts a hard-to-recognise, painted-over rag. This title refers to everyday life in the studio and the process of removing traces of work while at the same time leaving something behind. In summary, Erik Andersen is a versatile artist who creates impressive works through his careful working methods and consideration of formal and thematic aspects. His works range from installations to sculptures to paintings and show a wide spectrum of ideas and concepts.

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