Collection: Agnes Lammert

Agnes Lammert's free-hanging sculptures symbolize the heaviness of a dystopia, transience and the lightness that follows. The artist succeeds with the work ›Schwere‹, a fictitiously light, permeable fabric that caresses the forms of a body. The freely hanging sculpture, which is in a constant, gentle movement, induces curiosity and fascination in the viewer. Agnes Lammert is equally adept at imbuing her work with ›Kazé's‹ immanent ambivalence between material texture and effect. The sensitivity of the material wax to temperature confirms it as a transient, fragile artifact of a short-lived time period. The interplay of apparent heaviness and pretended lightness, in their mutual condition and contradiction, alludes to an uncertain future that can be questioned with the exhibition. What occupies, what persists and what will fade away?