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Network V01 | Sandra Schlipkoeter

Network V01 | Sandra Schlipkoeter

Sandra Schlipkoeter

Material/technology: Acrylic and oil on Neobond, framed

Dimensions: 29.5 cm x 21 cm

Year: 2023

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Further works by Sandra Schlipkoeter

Sandra Schlipkoeter bases her works on a physical phenomenon that she isolates from invisible space and transfers into a visible context. Interferences are superimpositions of waves in optical space that create complex line patterns and are made visible on the computer screen using digital photography. Wavy lines seem to manifest themselves on the screen in an indefinable rhythm. The situation is similar with the phenomenon of light, which turns out to be an immaterial and yet omnipresent impulse. The artist uses these non-haptic spheres and translates them into representative, sculptural, painterly and installation art.

Sandra Schlipkoeter's framed works prove to be multi-layered and manifest themselves in moving waves and lines. The numerous layers are dynamically intertwined and cite the graphic lines of the digitally generated disturbances, offering us an exciting, ambivalent moment of contemplation. This pictorial design is based on a considered approach by the artist, which has been carefully studied over the years. She approaches the ephemeral phenomenon from an artistic perspective, exploring various possible combinations and technological artifacts.

In addition to the multi-layered paper cutouts that intertwine in multiple dimensions, the artist also demonstrates her craftsmanship at the level of classic oil painting. In an illusionistic way, she captures a play of light and shadow on canvas that cites digital interference and is only recognizable as such upon closer inspection. Here the artist plays with color gradients and fictitious movement in an indefinable space.

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