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Es gründelte tief ab - Die Pathosformel war ihm zu pathetisch | Martin Oswald

Es gründelte tief ab - Die Pathosformel war ihm zu pathetisch | Martin Oswald

Artist: Martin Oswald

Material/technology: Watercolour and ink on paper, framed

Dimensions: 40 cm x 50 cm

Year: 2016

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The topos of landscape is a central field of reference for the draughtsman Martin Oswald. His works are inspired by philosophy, literature and historical art. The current works created in 2022 and 2023 manifest themselves as drawings and image montages with pencil, chalk and mixed media on paper.

Martin Oswald is a professor of art in Weingarten; he has published numerous writings and participated in many exhibitions. As an artist, curator and author, Martin Oswald repeatedly explores the theme of landscape from new perspectives. In his most recent works, the starting point of his pictorial worlds are mostly photographic landscape images, whether from the visual media or those that the artist takes specifically on his artistic explorations in nature. He deliberately varies the resulting motifs, so that his works on paper reflect the
the constant transformation and change of the landscape and living environment in the course of time as reflections of an inner movement. The text fragments often provide the title and encourage the viewer to reflect.

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