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Big Bang I | Alexander Iskin

Big Bang I | Alexander Iskin

Artist: Alexander Iskin

Material/technology: Oil on canvas

Dimensions: 70 cm x 100 cm

Year: 2016

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In a different reality where anything is possible, where unfamiliar colours live, where you need not know of either space or time, a world you created by yourself, where it is your rules everything obeys, here adventure is at home and nothing is impossible. Close your eyes: This land of miracles is infinitely large and beautiful, for it is a dream, for it originated from a thought. Welcome to the realm of fantasy. Enter and have yourself surprised, marvel and discover your boundless, wondrous wonderland. Befuddle and do please yourself, don't be misled, be wary. This world is fragile, frail and sensitive. A dark force, the void, is threatening it divesting of their colour everyone and everything, repressing joy, courage and inventiveness, spreading out persistently, devouring everything along the way. It is no condition – not black, not emptiness but simple nothingness. Vigorously struggling are the denizens of your world, with clenched fists they scream and swing at it, but just by getting close to it their skin turns grey. Open your eyes and look around your world:Grown, serious people who forgot what they were able to when young: believing, playing, marvelling and to be surprised -closing one's eyes and giving life to wishes. Sensing creativeness inside oneself, getting thoughts to dance. Giving birth to unknown shapes and colours and imagining impossible adventures. In how much that is impossible have you believed today already by the time of breakfast?

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