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Crystal Gazer III | Girmachew Getnet

Crystal Gazer III | Girmachew Getnet

Artist: Girmachew Getnet

Material/technology: Acrylic on canvas

Dimensions: 200 cm x 185 cm

Year: 2023

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Girmachew Getnet is an Ethiopian artist based in Frankfurt that surprises with his use of colours: for him pigments are a way, artistical and spiritual at the same time, to express both information and energy.  His references are broad, from African traditional art to more contemporary artistic styles such as German Expressionism: for Girmachew Getnet too, colour has a deep spiritual significance and meanings. For the artist in particular the deep golden yellow, predominant in most of his canvases, is a symbol of vitality and energy and both these sensations are so vigorously transmitted by expert brushstrokes that are almost tangible. 

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