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›Wonder Worlds‹ 04/02/2017 — 31/03/2017

›Wonder Worlds‹ 04/02/2017 — 31/03/2017

  • Justine Otto
  • Florian Pelka
  • Simon Czapla

Constance 04/02/2017 — 31/03/2017

The visionary power of the individual compositions is evident in the works of Justine Otto, Florian Pelka and Simon Czapla. At the same time, however, they also illustrate the diversity and ambiguity of current figurative painting. The works in the exhibition show allegorical figures that sometimes appear close to the viewer, sometimes from a distance, and that present individual models of reality.

Justine Otto's portrait series always features the same girl as the protagonist, but she becomes a new person in each individual work. Through wild brushwork and striking color combinations and overlays, these snapshots show the tender balance between figurative and abstract forms of representation, free the color from the form and celebrate the possibilities of painting in the artist's outstanding works.

The fusion of abstraction and representation also finds its way into Florian Pelka's fairytale landscapes and scenes. In dazzling colors, the inhabitants of these dreamlands constantly oscillate between absurdity and familiarity, because the motifs come from completely different worlds. Exciting color contrasts and literary and art-historical references are the basis of these fantastic works.

Simon Czapla's figurative depictions are full of expressive stories that tell of melancholy, transience and loneliness. He reduces the exaggerated scenes without frills and reveals emotional depths; tragedy and comedy always go hand in hand. His figures captivate the viewer with their emotional ambivalence.

Wonderful in-between worlds, intense plays of color and surreal scenarios – these are wonderful worlds.

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