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Artist: Veit von Seckendorff

Material/technology: Corrugated cardboard on canvas

Dimensions: 120 cm x 85 cm

Year: 1960

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The positive-negative works are a characteristic feature of the artist's work. Seckendorf's work, created in 1960, is also designed in this context and articulates a very unique, fine logic of seeing.

The Lachenmann Art gallery is pleased to present the works of the renowned artist Veit von Seckendorff, who was born in Munich in 1937 and is a member of the Taunus Artists' Association. Seckendorff is a master of the “School of Seeing,” whose stated goal is to promote “learning to see better.” His works of art are convincing lessons from this special school, which tries to awaken a deep cognitive interest in seeing and looking through every line and movement on the canvas. Without challenging deeper questions of content, these works invite you to experience the subtle visual movements. Inspired by abstracted organic formations, Seckendorff follows his own new path and emancipates himself from great role models like Hans Arp. We invite you to a visual journey that focuses on seeing.

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