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Dancers VI | Agnes Lammert

Dancers VI | Agnes Lammert

Artist: Agnes Lammert

Material/technology: Ink on paper (framed 33.5 x 45.8 x 2.8 cm)

Dimensions: 29.7 cm x 42 cm

Year: 2019

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›Dancer IV‹ is an ink sketch on paper, part of a series of six studies on movement and the three-dimensionality of dancing bodies. Although Agnes Lammert is best known for her sculptures, here we can admire in the essence and purity of the lines of these works on paper the same power and inspiration that guides her sculptures.

Agnes Lammert's freely hanging sculptures symbolize the heaviness of a dystopia, transience and the lightness that follows. The artist succeeds in doing this with her work "Heaviness", a fictitiously light, permeable material that caresses the shape of a body. The freely hanging sculpture, which is in constant, gentle movement, triggers curiosity and fascination in the viewer. Agnes Lammert also knows how to incorporate Kazé's inherent ambivalence between material properties and effect into her works. The temperature sensitivity of the wax material confirms it as a transient, fragile artifact of a short-lived period of time. The interplay of apparent heaviness and apparent lightness, in their mutual conditioning and contradiction, points to an uncertain future. What is occupied, what remains and what will pass away?

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