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›Black Market‹ 25/07/2015 — 14/08/2015

›Black Market‹ 25/07/2015 — 14/08/2015

  • 45 selected artists from the Konstanz region

Constance 25/07/2015 — 14/08/2015

The inspiration for the exhibition title is the Berlin ›Black Market International‹ and brings the format  to show many different works by several artists in a short exhibition  now in a modified and adapted form under the title  black market  to Constance.

The group exhibition aims to provide a broad insight into the art scene on Lake Constance. Lachenmann Art presents artists from three countries whose works convey what is created on canvas and paper in the Lake Constance region, which photographs are captured and which sculptures and figures take shape. It is the works themselves and the stories behind the works that touch us: above all, the love of art that the artists live out every day.

This passion, conviction and love manage to advance and revitalize the region’s art scene.

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