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›SATT‹ 25/05/2019 —19/07/2019

›SATT‹ 25/05/2019 —19/07/2019

  • Lennart Gray

Constance 25/05/2019 —19/07/2019

The exhibition ›SATT‹ by Berlin-based artist Lennart Grau at Lachenmann Art shows dynamic and perfectly colour-coordinated pictures with flowing shapes and skilfully placed structures.

The thematic starting point is the critical examination of pathos in painting. The work challenges the viewer to see not only what is depicted, but also the inscribed process of creation. To do this, the artist processes visual stimuli that he perceives as irresistible temptations. Contrasts, structures and gloss effects play a major role. They create moments of irritation that demand both distrust and complete surrender to the illusion from the recipient.

The play with light is a constitutive element in Lennart Grau's works: the dark edge that seems to frame the scenery becomes lighter the further you delve into the picture. Light accents are deliberately placed and create an atmosphere of space. The three-dimensionality is emphasized even more clearly by setting the figures against a light background and applying paint several centimeters thick.

In terms of content, Grau’s oeuvre moves between the subjects of the old masters, but he transfers them

in contemporary painting. This often results in an aesthetic overdose, which presents itself in a very unique way.

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