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›Salon Hansa: InterINTIMES_AutoPORTRAIT‹ 29/11/2019—29/02/2020

›Salon Hansa: InterINTIMES_AutoPORTRAIT‹ 29/11/2019—29/02/2020

selected by Hansa Wißkirchen

Frankfurt 29/11/2019—29/02/2020

raya / the first name of a person and the first name of the father. raya / the first name of the father. raya / the first name of the grandfather. raya / the first name of the grandfather. raya / the first name of the father ... raya / lyricism / src / src/sdb / src=sr_medium/ src=sr_campaign / src=sr_campaign / src=sr_column / src=sr_medium/ src=sr_campaign / src=sr_column / src=sr_column

The InterINTIME_AutoPORTRAIT is a classic theme: the self-portrait.
It is used again and again in the history of art. It leads to a personal revelation of one's self. The artists take themselves to court and reveal their view in the mirror. The "autoPortrait" could also serve or illuminate the "SEXUS_PLEXUS" - this is not the task, this was not a compulsory exercise. The task here is therefore a double task. It is not a must to reveal one's likeness, but it offers the opportunity to dare to look behind the mirror in order to reveal the "INTERNA", i.e. the internal face of the artist's psyche.

The gallery for contemporary art in a former postal sorting center had a special appeal for me. With 11 load-bearing concrete columns and 19 doors, all spread over two levels, this was one of the most difficult tasks of the last 25 years of my work as an exhibition organizer. I had to get involved with the existing architecture. With a colorful concept, I was able to convince the gallery and demonstrate an axial extension of the entrance area... The Bordeaux red extends the entrance situation and thus merges seamlessly into the gallery complex. Two separate rooms give sculptures their own space. The phosphor yellow, which was painted on the walls on the lower level, makes the pictures, photos or paper works stand out optically against the walls. A concentrated recording of the individual works is now pre-programmed and guaranteed. In order to do justice to the artists, there was only one option. All the works that were to go on the walls were hung in a line (bottom edge) and at the same height. This gave the hanging an unintentionally museum-like character.

I would especially like to thank all the participating artists who supported the "Salon Hansa" project with full energy and presence. The majority of the works come from Berlin - as do companions from satellite cities such as London, New York, Vienna, Düsseldorf and Paris.

Thanks also to the Lachenmann Art Gallery and its crew for their huge effort and their vehement discipline in actually implementing this mammoth project with 92 participating artists right up to this catalogue!

Hansa Wisskirchen

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