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Artist: Jirka Pfahl

Title: 13cols24rows

Year: 2022
Material/Technique: Paper folding from a script , framed, UV70 anti-reflective coating
Height: 112 cm
Width: 99 cm

Structure, order, discipline, strictness. Mellowness, waves, shapes, depth.At first appearance Jirka Pfahl's works on paper spread a depth imbued with  mathematical beauty. The strict form of accurate lines provides each work with something soothingly meaningful. By incidence of light and angle of vision new shades, new patterns consistently emerge. These three-dimensional works, as masterful pieces of handicraft, take after the Art of Fugue by the greatest Leipzig resident of all. The synergy of rocaille work and a novel form of monotype shows Jirka Pfahl's artistic range, his versatility and his gift of mesmerising and inspiring observers regardless of the chosen art form.

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