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›Persephonium‹ 28/09—15/11/2019

›Persephonium‹ 28/09—15/11/2019

  • Andreana Dobreva

Frankfurt 28/09—15/11/2019

Amid abstract image elements, the viewer's gaze finds here and there fragmentary bodies and limbs floating detached against monochrome backgrounds in its constructive search. It is above all the works of François Boucher that flare up in Andreana Dobreva's expressive works in terms of motifs and composition, only to evaporate seconds later in the incredibly dynamic brushstrokes. These memories of the image memory that are called up are not quotations, says Dobreva. Quotations would create an intellectual distance between the work and its viewer, which the artist has no intention of creating. Instead, her works of art merge and combine old with new. Surface and materiality, color and body are now entirely in the service of a permanent movement, less in that of representation. Andreana Dobreva's pictures radically celebrate the theatrical as well as the now, the fleetingness of the moment. Following the absolutist Baroque, the Rococo regained the lightness of painting. The artist powerfully updates this lightness and gives it the luminous fleetingness of a poppy - Persephonium.

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