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TRISAPNIL | Nick Ervinck

TRISAPNIL | Nick Ervinck

Nick Ervinck

Material/technology: 3D printing, quartz sand, edition 13/40

Dimensions: 24 cm x 18 cm 17 cm

Year: 2019

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Nick Ervinck brings sculptures to life. In his BLOBS, such as the artwork ›TRISAPNIL‹, which are printed using complex 3D technology, you can see that he is inspired by negative spaces, which give his works a spatial depth.

Nick Ervinck was born in Kortrijk (Belgium) in 1981 and studied sculpture at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent. He began his work as a sculptor using classical techniques such as sculpting and modelling in clay, but soon developed his own method by using digital technologies.

Ervinck's work is characterized by a combination of traditional and modern techniques. He often uses digital technologies such as 3D printing and CNC milling to design and create the shapes and structures of his sculptures. The sculptures are then often hand-finished and finished with traditional materials such as bronze or marble.
In his sculptures, Ervinck creates a world of fantasy and surrealism. His works are characterized by organic shapes and complex structures that are reminiscent of futuristic landscapes or living creatures. His works are often influenced by science fiction and fantasy elements, which he combines with traditional forms and materials.
An important part of Ervinck's work is the use of color and light. By combining light and dark tones, he creates deep shades that bring his sculptures to life. In some cases, he also incorporates light elements into his sculptures for an even stronger impact.
Ervinck has participated in numerous national and international exhibitions and his works can be seen in galleries and museums around the world. One of his best known works is the sculpture "Pulsar", which was shown in France in 2018 as part of the sculpture exhibition "Le Voyage à Nantes". The sculpture consists of a network of organic shapes that taper towards a central point, creating the impression of a cosmic gate or wormhole.
In addition to his work as a sculptor, Ervinck has also participated in various public art projects, creating monumental sculptures that shape the cityscape. One example is the sculpture "Nest" in the city of Kortrijk, which consists of three organic shapes and is a tribute to nature and the environment.
Nick Ervinck’s works are represented in numerous renowned museums and private collections.

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