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›With—People‹ 27/02/2016 — 02/04/2016

›With—People‹ 27/02/2016 — 02/04/2016

  • Nina Annabelle Märkl
  • Achim Riethmann
  • Blanca Amoros
  • Lara Eckert
  • Andreana Dobreva

Constance 27/02/2016 — 02/04/2016

>Fellow men<
Whether grotesque hybrids, timid figures, strong faces or abstract color gestures and formal elements that are charged with content, the five national and international artists in the exhibition ›With People‹ could hardly be more different. As different as the techniques and positions used are - in addition to the main theme of "people" and their cultural and essential differences - it is also about what connects us all, humanity and togetherness.

An exhibition entitled ›With People‹ – what do you expect?

The exhibition was originally supposed to be called HUMAN. Pronounceable in English and German, and aimed at the core of the exhibition, this title did not really capture the essence of what we wanted to show you. And during the preparation period for this group show, our title suddenly appeared: Fellow Human Beings. With People. And that's it.

Whether grotesque hybrid creatures, delicate figures, large gestures, mysterious formal elements, open faces, strong poses, loud tones, clear hints, quiet sounds, indistinct statements, realistic depictions with all the details, the great joy of a new life, the contented contemplation of one's own, well-tended garden, the capture of a scenery of a world in which beginning and end are not fixed constants, free and mobile.

Life and death, dream and reality, playing with the viewer's perception, dancing on the border between reality and illusion.

A lack of context, piling up questions, developing areas of tension. Personal opinion, political stance, inner convictions, whether expressed out loud or murmured quietly, aggression, anger, peace, nature. The highly symbolic gesture.

Love. Charity. Self-love.

Closeness. A hug. What a heartfelt gesture. Peace and security. An outstretched hand, receiving and giving. Light.

And then, standing directly opposite: gloomy facial features, dark backgrounds, mysterious and disturbing sceneries. Enigmatic picture elements.

These were a lot of buzzwords. And I'm sure that every single one of you flinched at one or another term, had an association, or had an image in your mind.

Art can stimulate. Art can also be strenuous. Art can be enjoyable but also uncomfortable. We don't just see buttercups and light blue clouds here today. We also see uncomfortable situations that frighten us if we get involved with them, that disturb us if we are honest with ourselves. That leave us in the dark. And yet we see a hand that is being extended to us, we feel arms that hold us. We find comfort and confidence in everyday scenes, in joy and happiness.

Many of the works on display here combine the aspect of empty space. It is up to YOU ​​to fill the empty space in your mind!

In which direction does your association go? The entire breadth of humanity, presented here for you in excerpts by five artists from Munich, Berlin, Spain and Bulgaria. Different techniques used, differentiated positions, cultural divergences. And with all the differences that these five wonderful people show us, it is also about what connects us all: humanity and togetherness. In an exhibition by people about people for people.

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