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›liaise‹ 10/05/2019 — 21/06/2019

›liaise‹ 10/05/2019 — 21/06/2019

  • Jirka Pfahl

Frankfurt 10/05/2019 — 21/06/2019

In the exhibition ›liaise‹, Jirka Pfahl not only showed current, newly created works - a liaison - that led to today's production and shows approaches. Pfahl names differences between digital/analogue and original/copy. His discussion revolves around statements and imitations, including his own. Assumptions and statements change within a constructed and deconstructed tectonics of speech and thought.
At first glance, Jirka Pfahl's folded paper works reveal a depth filled with mathematical beauty. The different working techniques and the transfer of the underlying concepts into digital forms show Jirka Pfahl's artistic range, his versatility and his talent for captivating and inspiring the viewer in every art form, no matter how different they are chosen.

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