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Catalogue ›Wish Machine‹ Alexander Iskin | Lachenmann Art

Catalogue ›Wish Machine‹ Alexander Iskin | Lachenmann Art

Catalogue ›Wish Machine‹ Alexander Iskin | Lachenmann Art

Year: 2015

Dimensions: 21 cm x 16.5 cm x

Pages: 62

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Catalogue for the solo exhibition by the artist Alexander Iskin ›Wunschmaschine‹, which took place from November 21, 2015 to January 16, 2016 at the Galerie Lachenmann Art in Konstanz. Texts by Christina Wigger, Vanessa Mia Matic, Steffen Lachenmann and Juliane Lachenmann.

The smell in bars at five in the morning. Perfume, sweat, cigarettes, possibly marijuana, certainly liquor. An interrealistic smell. A mixed product that has been created, produced. A hybrid that goes from being to reality. That produces a side that is by no means elegant,

but nevertheless exists. The inter-world of the interrealist is not in the spectrum of Fontan's ›Before Day and Dew‹. It cannot be limited in time or space, it is omnipresent.

The subconscious of each individual builds his or her own image, that of his or her own life. The weighting of the specific components is individual. But the interrealistic attitude and action is inherent, innate, in everyone.

The interrealist rises above subjectivity and becomes objective reality. In the field of tension between abstract and objective tendencies, he is a choreographer, a conductor, but also an observer. You have the opportunity to develop your own association, poetic with an intellectual reference. You are an interrealist. You mix, blend, create, invent. It is not new, it has always been there. Now it is defined, formulated, it becomes more and more tangible the longer you think about it. Gilles Deleuze described unconscious processes in people, and that all processes are interdependent. See this as the pre-form of interrealism. See it for what it is. You yourself mix hundreds of things every day. You are very close to these things, you can look them in the eye without embellishment if you want to. The approach to this topic always raises the question at some point of where it all leads. It certainly leads to the paintings of Alexander Iskin.

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