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Catalogue ›RE-DISCOVER‹ Veit von Seckendorff | Lachenmann Art

Catalogue ›RE-DISCOVER‹ Veit von Seckendorff | Lachenmann Art

Catalogue ›RE-DISCOVER‹ Veit von Seckendorff | Lachenmann Art

Year: 2024

Dimensions: 24 cm x 17 cm x

Pages: 147

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Catalogue for the solo exhibition of the renowned artist Veit von Seckendorff ›RE-DISCOVER‹, which took place from April to June 2024 at the Lachenmann Art Gallery in Konstanz. Texts by the art historian and gallery owner Juliane Lachenmann.

In the canvas works of the artist Veit von Seckendorff, two design elements are always in balance: the line on the one hand, the color on the other. Geometric arrangements determine the picture spaces almost like a net, while the color is reserved and quiet on the surface. We are reminded of the classic, non-objective art of modernism, which, detached from references to the outside world, focuses solely on its own means: form and color.

The artist does not paint over or hide the conscious decision to arrange the surface in this way, but rather remains a meaningful design aspect of the overall work in the form of visible lines and clearly defined individual areas. Despite their obvious two-dimensionality, the paintings create different spatial depths and play with perspective illusions.

Veit von Seckendorff's works are impressive for their clarity and directness, as well as for their well-thought-out composition and carefully balanced color accents. Even if the brush marks, the artistic style, cannot be seen in the picture itself, the works prove to be a completely individualistic expression of the artist. When we look at these constructed image worlds, the repetitive shapes, colors and surfaces that are placed in relation to one another create a dynamic image in our perception.

Veit von Seckendorff was born in Munich in 1937. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich under Prof. Geitlinger and was appointed his master student in 1964. Today he lives and works in Nauheim.

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