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Catalogue ›Class AR Penck‹ | Kettler Verlag

Catalogue ›Class AR Penck‹ | Kettler Verlag

Catalogue ›Class AR Penck‹ | Kettler Verlag

Year: 2022

Dimensions: 29 cm x 24.5 cm x

Pages: 212

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Author: Gregor Jansen, Robert Fleck, Gerolf Schülke, Dieter Ronte, Frank Schlag, Frank Wollny .

AR Penck (1939–2017) taught free graphics and painting at the Düsseldorf Art Academy from 1989 to 2005. He was a graphic artist, painter and sculptor in equal measure and also made a name for himself as a jazz musician. In his life and in his artistic practice, he combined analytical and visual thinking. He fused ideas from philosophy, natural science, information theory and technology with old and new strategies of image production as well as with an awareness of social and artistic issues.

During his time as a professor, Penck supervised almost 130 students who continue to carry on the content of his teachings to this day. The classroom building at Luisenstrasse 25, which Penck rented without going through the administration of the art academy, is legendary. Spatially and intellectually separated from the academy, the students were supposed to be able to develop here without institutional pressure.

The publication presents over 50 of them, bringing together personal memories, notes, photographs and works, including numerous unpublished sketches by Penck that were created during his lessons and have been preserved by his students to this day.

Participating artists: Wolfgang Adam, Stefanie Aselmann, Ji-Hyun Bae, Valerij Baratheli, Carlota Carbonell Valero, Yongchang Chung, Andrzej Cisowski, Juan Collantes, Joanna Danovska, Birgit Decressin, Franz Engler, Michael Goldstraß, Andrzej Gora, Cosima Hawemann, Christian Heilig, Gudrun Hermen, Andrea C. Hoffer, JB Huh, Ewa Jaczynska, Andreas Junge, Taka Kagitomi, Gesine Kikol, Mi-Ryeon Kim, Marta Klonowska, Robert Klümpen, Bettina Kohrs, Christian Korda, Sybille Kroos, Chidi Kwubiri, Alexandre Magno, Benjamin Nachtwey, Yoshitomo Nara, Stefan Noss, Thomas Nowak, Wolfgang Pilz, Nicole Pohl, Christiane Rasch, Michael Recht, Christine Reifenberger, Katrin Roeber, Römer + Römer, Marina Sailer, Ekatherina Savtchenko, Claudia Schauerte, Nikita Schmitz, Catherine Shamugia, Carrie Stubbs, Toshiaki Suenaga, Anna Tatarczyk, Susanne SD Themlitz, Lubomir Typlt, Anna Vilents, Grzegorz Waliczek, Yunong Wang, Xin Zhou

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