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›From the rooftop‹ 27/03/2015—30/05/2015

›From the rooftop‹ 27/03/2015—30/05/2015

Constance 27/03/2015—30/05/2015

Jan Davidoff — Munich-based artist Jan Davidoff shows works of captivating depth, shimmering and at the same time dense and complex.

The painter takes us into his world of color, light and shadow in a wonderfully dreamy way, freeing us from our classic ideas of color in nature in poetic images of forests and trees. In Jan Davidoff's work, the forest sometimes glows fiery red, and radiant forest paths lined with tall trees seem to disappear into infinity. The twisted branches of the trees give his pictures a lively atmosphere. You can almost hear the rustling of the wind in the branches, the moving treetops, the babbling of the stream, the soft moss under your feet. Bright colors lie like highlights on the tree trunks and bring the sunshine that illuminates them to life.

Relief prints on brass, steel and copper are also shown, in which crowds of people can be seen in all their dynamics. Partially masked people, enthusiastic or angry faces, people holding flags and banners in the air. The bright, luminous color of the metallic background lends the scene a dynamic feel and intensifies the emotionality of the moment. The artist has a unique ability to depict the crowd as a pulsating force in which the individual merges with the mass. The focus is not on the individual, but on the movement of the crowd. In some of the works in this series, the viewer seems to be able to look through binoculars or a keyhole, feeling like a secret spectator.

Jan Davidoff, born in 1976, is a well-known face on the international art scene; several top-class galleries represent him nationally and internationally.

Jan Davidoff – Munich resident artist Jan Davidoff shows works of captivating profoundness, shimmering while dense and multi-layered.

From the rooftop — I look up at the old trees, marveling at their imposing size. I squint my eyes and let the light and wind blur together, but instead feel the soft movement of the branches, the rustling of the wind up in the treetops, hear birds chirping. Here, barefoot in the stream, my head thrown back, I become part of this forest, I can feel, empathize, sense and understand the language, the expressiveness of Jan Davidoff's pictures.

Letting your gaze wander over his paintings, thoughtfully, attentively, lurking, exploring details, becoming an explorer, the viewer recognizes the natural scenery of Jan Davidoff's immediate surroundings. Conquering the content of the painting, climbing the tree yourself, hearing the babbling brook. This is possible, this is what the heart, still childlike and stormy, longs for.

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