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›#30‹ 22/03/2019 — 19/07/2019

›#30‹ 22/03/2019 — 19/07/2019

  • Deniz Alt
  • Tilo Baumgärtel
  • Sascha Boldt
  • Markus Brenner
  • Patrick Cierpka
  • Jan Davidoff
  • Andreana Dobreva
  • Lennart Gray
  • Philip Grözinger
  • Marc Jung
  • Yury Kharchenko
  • Heike Kelter
  • Bernd Kirschner
  • Jonathan Meese
  • Christoph Neumann
  • Justine Otto
  • Jirka Pfahl
  • Romans+Romans
  • Jukka Rusanen
  • Moritz Schleime
  • Eva Schwab
  • Lars Teichmann
  • Miriam Vlaming
  • Hansa Wisskirchen

Frankfurt 22/03/2019 — 19/07/2019

It is Lachenmann Art's 30th exhibition, and to mark this anniversary we have put together a special group exhibition: Under the title #30, we are presenting 30 works by 24 top-class artists in our Frankfurt gallery to properly celebrate the 30th show. The selection of works was very personal and moving. We have been working successfully with some of the participating artists for years, such as Lars Teichmann, Jirka Pfahl and Jukka Rusanen. We are also delighted that numerous guest artists have confirmed their participation in #30 and are contributing their works. The focus of the exhibition is on figurative and abstract painting. Two photo positions, collages and a digital work will also be shown. The focus is on depicting the diversity of the artists and the resulting associative connections between the works of art.

The exhibition will be presented on the upper floor of the two-story, 650 square meter gallery in downtown Frankfurt. In addition to the vernissage, there will be other events during the exhibition, such as the catalog presentation, the Dirty Thirty Party and the finissage.

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