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20060502 | Florian Lechner

20060502 | Florian Lechner

Artist Florian Lechner

Material/technology: CGI, rendering as direct print on aluminium plate

Dimensions: 200 cm x 150 cm

Year: 2020

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Florian Lechner's works are like cuts into reality. They reveal the interaction and interplay of the three-dimensional depth of our reality and its two-dimensional fabrications in digital space. Lechner superimposes the different levels of space and manipulates them into a singular, visually exuberant experience of simplicity, elegance and brute baroque excess.
Florian Lechner's oeuvre impresses with its clear lines, simple elegance in black and white and a straightforwardly opulent reduction. The first impression of the works is usually deceptive: what at first appears sober and neutral, Lechner subverts with subtle means. His objects in wall format know how to free themselves from the limitations of classical painting art and conquer the room. Lechner detaches the artwork from its physical existence, shifts it into the ephemeral and juggles with the viewer's perception.

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