Collection: Veit von Seckendorff



In the paintings on canvas by artist Veit von Seckendorff, two design elements are always in balance: the line on the one side and the colour on the other. Geometric arrangements define the pictorial spaces in an almost net-like manner, while the colour is discreetly and quietly applied to the surface. We are reminded of the classic non-objective art of modernism, which, detached from references to the outside world, focusses solely on its own means: Form and colour. These interact, complement and complete each other in order to give the finished picture its rhythm, symmetry and familiar arrangement of surfaces.

The artist does not paint over or hide the deliberate decision to create this surface order, but leaves it in the form of the visible line and clearly delineated individual areas as a meaningful design aspect of the overall work. In an abstract manner, individual moments are repeated, form patterns and are sometimes only distinguished from one another by colour accents. Despite their obvious two-dimensionality, the paintings create different spatial depths and play with illusions of perspective. Veit von Seckendorff's works are not loud; they captivate with their clarity and directness, as well as with well thought-out composition and precisely balanced colour accents.

Even though the brushstrokes, the artistic style, cannot be observed in the painting itself, the works prove to be an entirely individualistic expression of the artist. Viewing these constructed pictorial worlds, the repetitive forms, colours and surfaces, which are placed in relation to each other, create a dynamic image in our perception.

Veit von Seckendorff studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich with Prof Geitlinger and was appointed his master student in 1964. Since then, his works have been presented in art associations and in both group and solo exhibitions. Veit von Seckendorff was born in Munich in 1937. Today he lives and works in Nauheim.

Veit von Seckendorff