Collection: Susanne Sterk

After starting out at the Free Art School in Stuttgart, Susanne Sterk studied product design at the University of Design in Pforzheim and at the University of Illinois in Chicago.
In her work she moves playfully between figuration and abstraction and repeatedly explores the limits of representability and perceivability of human emotions in her faces and body studies.
When realizing her works, she prefers to use the line in front of which Susanne
Sterk's enthusiasm for experimentation doesn't stop either. This is how drawn lines become
quickly replaced by threads, which seem to develop a dynamic of their own and enable the artist to work in a three-dimensional and more lively way.
The partially loose threads that protrude beyond the picture deliberately break it apart
defined frame and allow the figures to appear in a state of suspension between dissolution and condensation.
Susanne Sterk