Collection: Stephanie Scheurell

Stefanie Scheurell's works contradict a socially imposed and anchored ideal image of female beauty. The artist resists a systemic consensus mediated by the cosmetics and fashion industries, she alienates both advertising posters and magazines and thus counteracts a forced superficiality. Advertising material is destroyed, cut up, detached and modified. Stefanie Scheurell grants a view into the depths that reveals new values and guiding principles. In doing so, she works with different themes that move between nature, corporeality, transience and self-portrait. Sandpaper and scalpel are among her tools, which she uses to get to grips with the paper, exposing it to water and the sun and thus creating innovative representations of the human body.
Her series of chicory ceramics, which has become an ongoing cross-media project for the artist, also relates directly to the human being and is in direct connection with the subjects of the portraits.

Stefanie Scheurell studied at the Staatliche Akademie der Künste in Karlsruhe.