Collection: Ronny Szillo

Ronny Szillo's sculptures raise the playful question of which objects from our present time a future archaeologist would be likely to find. In direct comparison to historical, sensational grave finds of past times, Ronny Szillo creates garishly colourful fossils of the future. In reference to layers of rock pressed together over thousands of years, in which fossilised snails and plants can be found, the grey concrete encloses colourful sneakers, glittering mobile phone cases and everyday objects such as toothbrushes. No hand-painted ceramic shards or antique tools will bear witness to our civilisation, but all those seemingly everyday objects and artefacts that Ronny Szillo fuses into a suspicious reflection of the Anthropocene. With a critical wink, the artist reveals himself as a visionary of the future who not only dares to question the multimedia structure of our time in the sense of a "brave new world", but also enters into a dialogue with the history of art, the nature of materials and craftsmanship. The aesthetics of the 21st century are cast in concrete by Ronny Szillo for posterity. 
Ronny Szillo, Credits Enrico Meyer