Collection: Nick Ervinck

Born in Kortemark in 1981, Nick Ervinck graduated from KASK (Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Ghent) in 2003 with a Masters in Mixed Media. He then worked with materials such as polyester, plaster and wood, continued his studies in computer modeling and sculpture. After teaching at the art academies in Tielt, Menen and Kortrijk (2004-2012), he returned to KASK, where he worked as a visiting professor for three years.

Nick Ervinck lives and works in Lichtervelde. His works prove themselves as large installations, handmade and 3D printed sculptures, ceramics, prints, drawings, light boxes and animated films. The artist describes himself as being between two worlds: while he has one foot in the new, digitally shaped world, he still locates himself with the other in the old, analogue world. Nick Ervinck is using this to refer to his unique way of working, which is based both on manual work and on computer-based technology.

Even if his works appear to be unusual and diverse, the artist orients himself towards classic positions in art history and repeatedly refers to greats such as Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth. He is fascinated by the idea of ​​negative space and the gap, i.e. the negative form. The abstract figures and forms play with the recurring juxtaposition of haptic and recess, suggested lightness versus solid materiality and a fascinating colourfulness.

The artist is particularly interested in the tension between nature and culture, between tradition and innovation. While he tests and explores the limits of digital possibilities, he always maintains the reference to the (art) historical heritage. This creates the characteristic dialogue between craftsmanship and technology, between the virtual and the physical.

In his work, the artist explores the classic themes of humans in his own unique way, focusing on human anatomy and the emergence of cyborgs. In addition to dealing with the genetic manipulation of plants, masks and animals, always starting from an art-historical background, also inscribe themselves in the artist's overall oeuvre and are linked to themes of contemporary pop and science fiction culture.

The artist's works are represented both in public spaces and in well-known collections. Nick Ervinck is the recipient of several awards, including the prestigious CoD + A award for his art integration IMAGROD.

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Nick Ervinck