Collection: Katrin Kampmann

In her colour-intensive, brightly coloured paintings, Katrin Kampmann takes us into the imagination of a world of our own. The works draw their life from an ballanced interplay between abstraction and figuration, which challenges us as viewers to let our own fantasies become part of the composition of the picture. Light and flowing, the thin colours pour onto the surface of the painting and are guided by the artist into new directions.Katrin Kampmann proves herself through her unique painting technique and the process of finding a new kind of imagery. 

Katrin Kampmann was born in Bonn/Germany. She has lived and worked in Berlin since 2000. From 2001 to 2006 she studied painting at the University of the Arts in Berlin. After graduating as a master student with Prof. K.H. Hödicke in 2006, she won the master student prize. Since then, her work has been shown in numerous solo exhibitions, both throughout Germany and worldwide. In 2010 she won the Dorothea Konwiarz Scholarship and was a finalist for the Phoenix Art Prize in 2011. Kampmann's works are represented in well-known in museums, as well as in private and public collections, and have been exhibited at the Kunsthalle Dresden and the Kunsthalle Rostock, among others.

Katrin Kampmann