Collection: Girmachew Getnet

Girmachew Getnet is an Ethiopian artist based in Frankfurt that surprises with his use of colours: for him pigments are a way, artistical and spiritual at the same time, to express both information and energy. His references are broad, from African traditional art to more contemporary artistic styles such as German Expressionism: for Girmachew Getnet too, colour has a deep spiritual significance and meanings. For the artist in particular the deep golden yellow, predominant in most of his canvases, is a symbol of vitality and energy and both these sensations are so vigorously transmitted by expert brushstrokes that are almost tangible.

Girmachew Getnet (born in 1980 in Ethiopia) graduated from the Addis Ababa Fine Arts and Design School in 2001. Shortly thereafter he established the first art studio in the Ethiopian capital called the Habesha Art Studio.
His work has been shown at the Alliance Ethio-Française, Goethe Institute and Gebre Kristos Center in Ethiopia, at the Kunstverein Familie Montez in Frankfurt, at the Circle Gallery in Nairobi, at the Gallery DOXA in Slovakia, at the Lela Gallery in Ethiopia, at the Addis Fine Art Gallery in London, at the CFHILL Gallery in Stockholm and at the Simchovitz Gallery in Los Angeles.
Girmachew Getnet