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With his painting Danil Yordanov addresses silence - a sensitive part of ourselves without which we could not exist. His compositions seem like visual facts of a materialized silence. A silence that becomes a visual reality through the medium of graphite - from black to grey surfaces, which, with a hint of metallic shine, complement and find themselves materialized compositions in silence.  ›I chose graphite as a material because I realized the unexplored expressive potential it holds.‹ (Danil Yordanov)
The use of graphite has a long tradition in Europe. According to legend, a tree was blown down in a storm in the Borrowdale region of Cumberland (England) in early 1500. An unknown, soft, black stone was found under its roots: graphite. This very common mineral, carbon in its pure form, leaves behind a line colour of black-grey with a metallic sheen.
The picturesque surfaces in Yordanov's works are calm and clear. They spread a monochrome silence, like an echo beyond the shore of memories. Laconic forms that require no further explanation, achromatic tones created by the chosen medium and timeless dynamics - this is the result of his work.
Danil Yordanov

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