Collection: Anna Tatarczyk

For Anna Tatarczyk, the rhombus occupies a special place among geometric shapes. She lets them dance on the top and catches the light with them. Due to the reduction and condensation of artistic means and their clear arrangement, the objects radiate power and tranquility. The diamond pattern itself is a primal form that has symbolized the paths of the heavenly bodies since the Stone Age. One can find diamond patterns on ancient pagan places, on coats of arms and as signposts. Anna Tatarczyk loves the rhombus not only for its form: her work stands for the continuation of Concrete Art, can be located between Concrete Art and Op Art, as well as between Minimalism and Arte Povera.

Anna Tatarczyk studied fine art with A.R. Penck and Siegfried Anzinger at the Düsseldorf Art Academy, having previously studied German language and literature. She was also an assistant to Jörg Immendorff for two years. She lives and works in Wuppertal.

Anna Tatarczyk