My favourite - Art spotted ›Marina Abramović - enthülltes Wandbild‹ by Angelika Platen

My favourite - Art spotted ›Marina Abramović - unveiled mural‹ by Angelika Platen

Today Edelia, our employee from the gallery in Frankfurt am Main, presents her favorite work by Angelika Platen.

Since I am personally interested in the collecting aspect of art, the photography by Angelika Platen appealed to me the most. In 1999, Marina Abramović - one of the most important artists of our time - remained naked in an uncomfortable pose for six hours in the Berlin Kunsthalle. What is special about it is that only Angelika Platen, who was already one of the well-known faces of the art scene at the time, took a photo of this art-historical moment. Marina Abramović thanked her personally and I find it all the more wonderful that such an art-historically significant and strictly limited work is available for purchase from us, at Lachenmann Art. Whether for experienced collectors or those who are just starting out, you can't go wrong with this work!

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