My favourite - Art spotted ›Farbstück II‹ by Robert Ritter

My favourite - Art spotted ›Farbstück II‹ by Robert Ritter

With many works of art, the boundaries between the individual categories become blurred and it is not entirely clear what exactly is hanging in front of you. At least that is how it is for Julia, our employee from Konstanz.

What is Robert Ritter's work of art? Is it something to eat? Perhaps a piece of chewing gum? A piece of candy melted by the heat? What does it taste like? The colors are bright, but not loud. They blur into white. The white is a strong contrast. The "Color Piece II" literally dissolves in front of a white wall. I personally really like the way the work of art blends into its surroundings, so that it becomes part of something new.

The small work is a real eye-catcher and invites you to touch it. It is complex, layered, painted. Movement and haptics; Ritter's hand movements, his artistic work are clearly noticeable. One layer - or several? Like a lasagne. Like something that is shedding its skin. A piece, a leftover piece, a fragment? Where does it come from? Where is the rest? What part did it break out of? What does the big picture look like? What does the piece of paint stand for?

I was touched by Ritter's "Farbstück II". Let yourself be touched by this work and perhaps even be tempted to touch it.

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