My favourite - Art spotted ›Mostri‹ by Valentina Murabito

Curators Favorite - Discover ›Mostri‹ by Valentina Murabito

Sylvia, our employee from Frankfurt am Main, touches the motif of Valentina Murabito's 'Mostri' as well as the artist:

I believe that Valentina is one of the most talented artists working today, and of her works I love "Mosri" the most because it is unique and unexpected. The work plays with dualities, it is delicate and strong at the same time, poetic in its roughness: she manipulates the analog photography on the hard stone surface and creates a unique piece that takes us into a dream-like world. The amazement becomes even greater when you know that the stone used as the base for the photo comes from the wall in Sicily where the photo shoot took place. By the way: The woman in the photo who is framed by the manipulated plant is the artist's mother.

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