My favourite - Art spotted ›Cheerleaders‹ by John Petschinger

Curators Favorite - Discover ›Cheerleaders‹ by John Petschinger

The second employee in this series is Alex from our location in Frankfurt am Main. He is impressed not only by individual elements of ›Cheerleaders‹, but by the work in all its splendor:

I love colorful pictures. Especially when these colors harmonize perfectly with each other. And for me that is exactly the case with John Petschinger's work. He plays with color and contrasts, puts them in the spotlight skillfully and always fascinates me with his technique. In my opinion, his signature – in the form of a small, white flower – is the crowning achievement of his colorful compositions and completes his young, modern style.

You can find more works by John Petschinger here

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