My favourite - Art spotted ›GESTERNMORGEN II‹ by Patrick Cierpka

Curators Favorite - Discover ›YESTERDAY MORNING II‹ by Patrick Cierpka

In the new section 'Curators Favorite - Discover', our employees at Galerie Lachenmann Art present their favorite works. Which work would we like to give a home to? Why does it excite us and what does it trigger in us?

The series begins today with Julia from the gallery in Konstanz. She was particularly fond of Patrick Cierpka's ›YESTERDAY MORNING II‹:

Cierpka's work invites me to dream. I'm lying on a green summer meadow under the trees, looking into the beautiful canopy of leaves above me, the sun is so bright that I can only blink. Cierpka captures exactly this moment masterfully and manages to immediately convey a unique feeling that we all know.

I am fascinated by how perfectly Cierpka uses artistic technique to imitate sunlight. The work immediately triggers a warmth in me that gets under my skin and radiates into my heart. It makes me happy and content inside. The colors are balanced, natural and light. When you look at it you can almost hear the rustling of the leaves and the quiet chirping of birds. Especially on rainy days in cold concrete rooms, looking at “YESTERDAY MORNING II” is not only balm for the soul. It also gives hope for better days.

Here you can find more works by Patrick Cierpka

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