Behind the Scenes - Meet Yvonne Andreini

Behind the Scenes - Meet Yvonne Andreini

Gain insights into the world of the Italian-born artist Yvonne Andreini with the answers to our interview series "Behind the Scenes"!

What motivates you to create? To be able to make questions figuratively visible, wanting to create more and more depth in one's own visual world and wanting to get closer and closer to the essence.

Welches ist für Dich die beste Tageszeit, um kreativ zu sein? I like to work in the early morning hours, as the light in the studio falls just the way I need it...

Yvonne Andreini, Gallery Lachenmann Art

What did you want to be when you were a child, your dream job? I wouldn't call it a dream job, it was more the need to find a form of communication that went beyond words. In my case, painting.

Do you listen to music while working? And what impact does that have to the final work? I usually listen to music while I work, often the same song, the same record over and over again until the painting is finished. So I can always immerse myself in the same atmosphere, the same rhythms and speeds when I work on a canvas. Since my work is also very much about rhythm, the music influences or rather carries the painting through its creation. Mood certainly plays a role too, so the auditory emotional spaces of the music intertwine with the visual perception of the paintings.

What are your favorite and least favorite parts of professional art? The beautiful relationship with solitude, as well as the many interesting encounters, travelling, being able to observe a lot. Office work. Unfortunately, that does not go unnoticed...

What was your last bad purchase? Strawberries without taste

What is the hardest part of creating an artwork? When the image becomes independent and you have to let go of your own original idea in order to get to a higher level.

Describe how art is important to society. I think that art invites you to look at things differently, offers the possibility to sharpen and awaken your own perception.

Which country would you live in if you could choose one? I would like to live in two countries, alternately. I come from Rome, Italy, and I would like to switch between Rome and Berlin in the next few years so that I can always maintain a certain distance in my observations.

 Yvonne Andreini, Gallery Lachenmann Art

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