Behind the Scenes - Meet Peter Vink

Behind the Scenes - Meet Peter Vink

Uncover with us the exciting answers from Peter Vink to our "Behind the Scenes" questions!

Which art trends inspire your current work? I don’t think I get my inspiration from “art trends”. But if you speak about trends I am interested how machine learning is used to create artworks by some artists. Next to that I see the growing interest in sustainability and environmentalism, leading to an increasing number of artists incorporating recycled materials, found objects and natural elements into their work.

What kind of music are you listening to while working? Depends what I am doing. When I am working on a new concept I like to have no music around me. But when I am really physically making an artwork I like to have some underground techno from Berlin on my earPods for example. 

If you could go right now to one place on earth where would you go? I like to be in the great blue hole in Belize at 40 meters below sea level. 

What is your favorite dutch dish? A well made andijviestamppot (endive mashed with potatoes) served with a slice of butter-fried belly pork and butter gravy is very delicious!

What is the hardest part of creating an artwork? I always make new artworks in every new (exhibition) space and most of the time it is a lot of work. That means I always have to deal with time pressure. It can be tough but it is also satisfying to see a new completed artwork 1 hour before the opening.

Have you ever been electrocuted? I was a couple of times electrocuted when I was a child. I did some experiments with the "Kinder Electric” game where a light blinks if you get the right answer. I put the two pins of the game in the 230 V power connector. My theory was that the battery lamp will be much more brighter on 230 V! I learned something that day :-)

Peter Vink

Do you prefer a day in the mountains or a day at the beach? One day in the mountains would be great! There aren’t any mountains in the Netherlands so for me that’s something more interesting.

When is your favorite time of day to create? Usually in the late afternoon / evening the magic happens.

Whats your favorite part of being an artist? To be independent and make a living out of it.

Where were you on your last holiday? I was in Venice to visit the Art Biennale last year.

What is your favorite fruit? I like citrus fruits most like grapefruit and oranges. What are we without lemon in the kitchen?

Do you prefer travelling by train or airplane? I like the train more than an airplane. It’s nice to enjoy the scenery while traveling.

Does pineapple belong on pizza? Definitely not, it belongs in a piña colada.

If you would participate in a movie, would you prefer to be the villain or the hero? I like to be a villain who actually is a hero.

What question do you wish we had asked you? What kind of life would you have now if you had not become an artist?

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