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Where are you from and how does that affect your work? I grew up in a small town Kortemark in Belgium. And after studding in Ghent I ended up back at my roots in Lichtervelde. This is not the center of the art world of Belgium but I have space and can concentrate here. Off course this affects my work and path.
Also when you are young you don’t realize how much impact your roots, culture, background, character has on your development and choices.
I started with lego cubes and turned to computer games like Simcity. Starting with art school at the age of 15, I went from architecture, to ceramic, to video, to performance - to end up with my biggest passion sculpture. Jumping from the virtual to the physical world and back.

Nick Ervinck Gallery Lachenmann Art

Do you sleep with lights on or off? Strange question 😊
I can sleep easily. Doesn’t really matter for me if lights are on or off. But at night of course I sleep with lights off. 

Where do you find inspiration? Everything. I’m inspired by the history, the past of Roman and Greek culture. Old African masks. Henry Moore. But I’m also inspired by the future of 3d printers, flying cars, ufos, dreadlocks. I’m inspired by the old and the new. And as a child of my time I try to translate this in a new story.

Which art trends inspire your current work? I’m not really interested in trends. But try to work out my own path. But of course you are influenced by the world around you, the trends you are seeing in shows and social media. The news, events, live shows you are seeing, everything can inspire you.

What was the most interesting thing a critic or collector said about your work? An accomplished art collector called me one day to inform me that he had not gone to work but had studied the shadow in my sculpture. You can hardly get a nicer compliment as an artist.

Do you play a music instrument? No.
Ask me anything about art or architecture. But nothing about music ore sports 😊

Have you accidentally glued your hands together when doing a craft project? No.
But in the past I made sculptures with hot glue guns and could almost put my fingers in the hot glue because of the thick calluses that had developed on my fingers. But I shouldn't try now.

What would your dream-house look like? I don’t really want big luxury. But I want space. And surround me with my world (books, art pieces, rocks, collections) that inspire me. A house/studio with a soul.

Nick Ervinck Gallery Lachenmann Art

Which would be the ideal setting for the art piece you created? In most cases a museum is still a perfect setting for art pieces. But I love also to go in dialogue with different collections and historical buildings. Or of course public spaces or nature to go in dialogue with.

What would be your profession if you wouldn't be an artist? Good questions.
Art teacher, graphic designer, art handler, web designer but maybe even a accountant, caregiver ore carpenter. But from the moment you are bitten by your passion and take the steps as an artist it is impossible for you to imagine another life or purpose.

Which person dead or alive would you like to talk to? Henry Moore or Pablo Picasso.

What was the subject in school you liked the most/ hated the most? Of course, I loved the subjects 'spatial design' and the subjects I hated were more sports and languages.

What is the hardest part of creating an artwork? I don't find creating work difficult. But the development of an oeuvre and art practice is even more so. There are so many factors that come into play and that you often have to add with the necessary evil to maintain the freedom to be creative. Today we have so much information, offers and choices that make it very difficult to see and find your path.

What's your favorite movie? Not one movie in particular. But I am in love with the science fiction and fantasy genre.

What question do you wish we had asked you? There are so many interesting topics about my work, about life, about dreams, about the current world and evolution of mankind...

Nick Ervinck Gallery Lachenmann Art

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