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Here you will find the latest NFT´s minted by Jirka Pfahl.

Since 2013, the Leipzig-based artist has been generating folds - sheets of paper that are folded and cut in an ornamental manner to produce a relief-like image, each showing an individual repetition of repetitive rhombuses and pyramids. The constant repetition of geometric shapes is derived from a previously conceived image scheme, a kind of algorithm. Through manual conversion, the two-dimensional digital image is transformed into a three-dimensional one. The cutting and folding process is not just the pure execution of the previously conceived algorithm, but can be seen as a reflection on the concept.
In 2021, Pfahl, together with the Indian Flow team led by Harshit Jaiswal, succeeded in transferring the computational logic of his convolutions into a more open system. With this blockchain-based digital file authentication technique, Jirka Pfahl's work expands to include an interesting means of distributing investigations in the field of originals/copies.


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